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Puckering of Retina

An epiretinal membrane (puckering of retina) is a thin sheet of fibrous tissue that can develop on the surface of the macular area of the retina and cause blurred vision. This usually occurs in adulthood and can be associated with floaters, trauma or eye surgery. Epiretinal membranes can also occur spontaneously.

Most Epiretinal membranes are mild and do not need treatment, but need to be monitored regularly by your eye doctor

The only way to treat an epiretinal membrane is by having an operation called a membrane peel. This surgery is only done when there is a significant decrease in vision. During the membrane peel, the surgeon first performs a vitrectomy, which removes the vitreous from inside the eye. They then grasp and gently peel away the epiretinal membrane from the retina. Epiretinal membranes generally do not recur after surgery. Eye drops or glasses are not effective in treating epiretinal membranes.

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