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CLARE (Contact Lens Associated Red Eye)

Contact lens associated red eye (CLARE) is a condition which causes symptoms such as redness, discomfort, and light sensitivity.  This can be caused by a soiled contact lenses (small protein or lipid deposits stuck to a contact lens surface), a tight fitting contact lens, sleeping in contact lenses, in appropriate contact lens type/material/brand, and other causes.


Since these signs and symptoms are directly associated with contact lens use, treatment for CLARE typically involves discarding currently worn contact lenses, temporarily stopping contact lens wear, discarding current contact lens case and medical therapy to speed clinical resolution. Topical anti-inflammatory eye drops are typically used to treat the immediate redness and discomfort.


Long term preventive therapies can, but not always, include:

  • Changing to a different type of contact lens cleaning & disinfection solution

  • Only filling contact lens case half full when storing contact lenses.

  • Rinse contacts storage case wells with warm tap water daily & air dry with lids off.

  • Disinfecting or replacing contact lens case every 3 months

  • Use fresh contact lens solution daily.

  • After removing, manually clean contacts with finger tip or use ClearCare peroxide system.

  • Remove your contact lenses daily before sleeping.

  • Changing to a different contact lens replacement schedule

  • Adding or modifying contact lens rewetting drops

  • Using prescription medications to treat underlying contributing conditions

  • Refitting from soft to rigid gas permeable contact lenses

  • Decreasing contact lens wear – either days per week and/or hours per day

  • In severe or recurrent cases, discontinuing contact lens wear


CLARE is an uncomfortable and unpleasant condition.  Left untreated it can worsen and in some cases lead to more serious eye problems such as corneal ulcers and eye infections.  Prompt treatment by your eye doctor will prevent complications and restore clear, white comfortable eyes.

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